Watch this space!

Throughout 2017, we have been working on a number of exciting projects.
Here is a snapshot of what to look forward to in the coming year… So watch this space early to mid 2018.


A New Performance System …

Working from the premise that the current approach to the annual performance cycle is 'broken', we have tackled many of the tricky issues and designed a new performance system that really is about the conversation, early intervention and supporting great performance.

The Framegame …

How do we navigate through conflict and generate productive and resourceful relationships?

Our fantastically fun and interactive game is designed to safely open the Pandora’s box of navigating our way through difficult situations in the workplace. It teaches us about the complexities of creating healthy conflict cultures and how a healthy conflict culture reduces the stress of conflict and leads to a productive and resourceful workplace. It is about building permission, skills and agreements about how we work together to resolve issues.

We are currently trialling the prototype and will be inviting organisations to test it with us in the new year.

The Diagnostic …

Regenerating workplace culture.

Tackling the challenging question of changing workplace culture, we have been bringing together theory, research and extensive practice to develop a framework through which we can view and manage organisational culture. We currently use this framework with great success in our work and are now in the final stages of developing the prototype for a diagnostic that will enable organisations to assess and diagnose their own organisational culture.

We are currently looking for organisations that are interested in being part of the trialling process. Let us know if you are interested in taking part.