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building cultural alignment
august 2019

Join us on Tuesday the 20th of August when Helen will give a presentation on building cultural alignment in our organisations, with the Change Management Institute.

Helen says, “Cultural alignment is the hardest but most powerful thing for organisations to develop. Culture resides in teams. Organisational alignment is based on building a network of communication and consistency across those teams.”

If you want to problem solve... put those phones away!
APRIL 2018

There is now a plethora of research showing the cost of being part of this permanently connected world.

Why workplaces don't work… and what to do about it.
February 2018

Sometimes it seems that if you wanted to design a workplace where people can't do their best work, you would design the 9-5 office model.

On Completion and Renewal

As we come to the chaotic end of the year, when everything has to be done, it becomes too easy to lose sight of the big picture. When we are caught up in the minutiae everything becomes urgent. We lose sight of what we have achieved and think only of what is still to be done.



Frameworks’ senior consultant, Claudia Butler, is now a certified Map of Meaning practitioner. She is only one of 19 practitioners worldwide, and one of six in Australia.

The Map of Meaning is a powerful research based framework that can be used by individuals, teams and organisations to create successful workplaces. It brings onto one simple diagram all the dimensions of intrinsic motivation. It gives a lens through which we get a sense of understanding and control. The Map helps us to stay inspired, whilst dealing with whatever reality we are facing. It reminds us of what matters most, releases our own wisdom and leads to practical steps.

Claudia is specialised to use the Map in the context of planning the future, managing diversity and resolving conflict.

Contact us to find out how the Map of Meaning can contribute to your workplace culture.


More than enough managers, but where is the management?
October 2017

For many years now, we have been seeing this push to leadership. It's been the new black for quite some time and we see a massive amount of resources thrown into leadership programs. But, I wonder... are leadership programs delivering the results we want, or are we missing the point?


Managing People and Performance Workshop

Helen’s next popular Managing People and Performance workshop, run on behalf of The Training Consortium, will be held in Launceston on 8 & 9 November 2017.

This fun, practical and inspiring program focuses on the skills and strategies that make great managers, including how to create an engaging and productive workplace, manage underperformance and have those difficult conversations.


What is conflict doing to your workplace?

If we allow unresolved issues to fester we develop a toxic relationship culture. This becomes a perfect breeding ground for bullying behaviours. How can we avoid being sucked into such an unhealthy dynamic?


August 2017

Frameworks has come a long way since its inception in 2003 and changed even more in the past few years since we set up an office in town. Then it was Marg and I and the Frameworks brand was largely about the consulting work one person could do. Since then we have grown and morphed into something different...